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Vetus Maxwell boat Systems

Bow thrusters and winch solutions.

Able Marine - Shipwrights of Kettering.

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Able Marine supply and install the Vetus Maxwell range to fit any situation. We recommend Vetus quality products and warranty all of our work.  Bow thrusters will help your vessel turn on a dime and alleviate stress that commonly occurs during docking. 

The electronic winch systems also make light work of any pulley system and allow a smaller crew size to do more safely. 

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Bow thrusters

In 1982 VETUS introduced the first bow thruster for pleasure boats. Since this first introduction, the bow thruster has become a firmly established concept in the boating world. By listening carefully to their customers, VETUS thrusters have improved year after year where they are now the quietest bow thruster in the world.

Rim Drives

The VETUS rimdrive is an exciting and innovative development in bow thruster design.

In contrast with conventional thrusters, the electric motor does not take up valuable space inside the boat. Instead, the propeller forms the rotating part of the electric motor (rotor) and the fixed winding (stator) is mounted in the tunnel. This results in a very compact and self contained thruster.


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