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For all your marine fibreglass repair, resprays and interior/exterior refits

The vast majority of production fibreglass boats in use today are built with multiple layers of reinforcing fabrics and core materials, bonded together with polyester resins. In addition to the usual damage from collisions, grounding and the forces of nature, fibreglass boats also suffer from age related problems such as fatigue and moisture, and although many of these problems can be intimidating, with correct techniques and materials they are not difficult to solve. Able Marine have experience in all types of marine fibreglass repair and are an excellent choice for fibreglass boat repair.

To effectively repair damage typical of fibreglass boats, the repair material must be a superior structural adhesive, capable of bonding not only to polyester resin, but also to glass fibre, wood, metal and other materials. There are several important reasons to use quality 2 pack epoxies rather than a polyester resin or other materials for fibreglass boat repair.

Polyester resin can shrink from 5% to 8%, creating stress concentration at the repair joint. In addition, epoxy is more effective as a moisture barrier and it forms a superior mechanical bond with the cured polyester and other materials in secondary bonding. Since epoxy is more durable than polyester, the epoxy repair may actually be stronger that the original structure.




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