Able Marine Shipwrights


We specialise in rigging replacement and new installations.

Able Marine - Shipwrights of Kettering.

61 Ferry Road, Kettering, TAS :   0429 174 168 or   0418 301 929)

Rigging replacement and new installations.  Repair and replacement of masts and booms.

In need of replacement rigging?

It can be hard to ascertain the condition of your rigging and to know when its due for replacement.  If it fails while you are out in the elements the results could be catastrophic.  What value do you place on the replacement of your vessel?  What about those things you can't replace like human life?

Able Marine can inspect your rigging and advise if its ready to be replaced.

Our services

  • Rigging Inspections and Report.
  • Supply and Service Standing and Running Riggings.
  • Furling Systems Supplies, Installation and Service.
  • Winch, Clutch, Travellers etc.
  • Complete Mast, Boom and Pole Service.
  • Aluminium and Carbon Mast and Spars.
  • Supply and Install Aluminium and Carbon Mast and Stays
Able Marine Shipwrights


61 Ferry Road, Kettering.  TASMANIA
ph: 0429 174 168
      0418 301 929
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